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Benefits of Laser Declaw for Cats

Benefits of Laser Declaw for Cats

laser declaw Laguna HillsLaser declawing is a relatively new procedure for removing the third knuckles and claws from cats. It offers many benefits over traditional declawing, including less bleeding and a reduced chance of infection.

Benefits of Laser Declaw

Laser declawing is a permanent way of declawing cats and assuring the claws do not grow back. Your cat’s feet are less likely to bleed after the procedure because the laser cauterizes as it cuts. Bandaging your cat’s feet after the procedure isn’t necessary. The risk of infection from clay and sand cat litters is reduced, and your cat will need significantly less recovery time.

Laser Declaw Procedure

We can declaw your cat as soon as they weigh between four and five pounds or are between three and four months old, and we recommend that if you plan on declawing your cat that you do it while they are still young. A kitten will recover much quicker than an older cat and have less pain and associated side effects throughout their lives.

Prior to the procedure our Laguna Hills veterinary will explain the procedure and provide before and after surgery instructions to help keep your cat safe and injury free. During the procedure, our veterinarian will administer anesthesia. The third knuckle of each toe is then cut and removed from your cat’s feet. The laser cauterizes the wound and minimizes bleeding, and the infection risk during and after the surgery is nearly nonexistent.

Bandages are not needed after laser claw removal since the wounds do not bleed and are completely sealed. Pain medications will be given to you so that you can keep your cat’s pain under control for the first 24 to 48 hours after the surgery. Most cats who receive laser surgery are awake, aware and moving around in as little as 24 hours after the surgery. This is a significant improvement over scalpel declawing, which requires a week of post-surgery care and the need to remove all clay and sand cat litters.

Would you use laser declawing to remove the claws from your house cat?

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