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Dermatology FAQs

Pet Dermatology FAQ

Incessant scratching is one of the first signs of skin problems in your pet. Skin irritation, rashes, infection, and hair loss are some common dermatology problems your pet may face during its lifespan. These dermatology FAQs from Trinity Pet Hospital explain more about the causes, symptoms, and treatment of skin problems in your pet.   


What Causes Skin Irritation and Rashes in Dogs and Cats?

Your pet may develop skin problems for various reasons. Environmental allergies and flea bites can cause rashes and infections on your pet’s skin. Your pet’s skin problems could also be caused by parasites, hormonal imbalances, or an undiagnosed medical issue. Skin irritation and rashes will prompt your pet to scratch nonstop, which could lead to skin infections. If your kit or pup shows signs of skin problems, bring him to Trinity Pet Hospital for a checkup. Your Laguna Hills CA vet will run tests to determine the source of its irritation.

What Signs Indicate My Pet May Have Skin Problems?

Nonstop scratching is the most obvious sign that something’s wrong with your pet. Your pet may also bite or lick its skin continuously,  to find relief. Upon examining your pet’s skin, you may notice:

  • Dry, scaly, bumpy skin  
  • Open sores
  • Skin irritation or rash
  • Hair loss due to excessive scratching
  • Swollen areas or areas with pus

How Are Pet Skin Issues Treated?

Your Laguna Hills vet will first examine your pet from nose to tail for signs of fleas, ticks, or other pests that may be biting its skin. We’ll then perform skin and blood tests to determine what’s causing your pet’s irritation.

If your pet’s problems are the result of allergies, we’ll determine the allergen so you can remove it from its environment. Tits may require a change to eco-friendly cleaning or grooming products or a change in your pet’s diet if certain ingredients in its food are the cause of its symptoms. Oral medications and topical creams may help alleviate symptoms until the allergy subsides.

How Can I Prevent Skin Problems?

We recommend using natural products for grooming your pet and cleaning your home environment as they contain fewer chemicals that can cause a rash or other skin problems. Keeping your pet clean and groomed at all times will reduce the risk of pest infestations that can irritate its skin. Routine visits to your Laguna Hills vet will enable our team to detect and treat skin problems early on to keep them from escalating into major health issues.

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