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Ear Mites

Have you notice your pet shaking his/her head a lot scratching at its ears? You may have heard of ear mites and wondered if that is what is bothering your little one. The only way to know for sure is too seek out treatment from our veterinarian at the Trinity Pet Hospital here in Laguna Hills.  Booking an appointment with our trained vet can swab the material in your pet's ear and diagnosis treatment if needed. Ear mites can be very irritating to your pet, and if left untreated can cause numerous problems. 


What Are Ear Mites

Ear mites are tiny eight-legged bugs that live on animal ear wax. These tiny bugs are so small you may never actually see them, but they can be heard crawling around in the ears of your pet. They are irritating to him, and he will scratch to try to ease the discomfort. This scratching can cause hair loss around the ears of your animal. It can also cause bacteria that enter the ear creating a secondary infection. Ear mites may be tiny, but they create a great deal of havoc for your pet.

How to Tell If Your Pet Has Ear Mites

In addition to head shaking and scratching, there are other signs that you may be dealing with ear mites. You may notice a brownish discharge in his ears that resembles coffee grounds. By the time you see this, however, the mites have been around for a while. The only way to be absolutely certain is to have a veterinarian do a swab for testing. 

What Treatment is Available?

Without treatment, you could find your pet's eardrum, and therefore its hearing becomes damaged. The vet will clean its ears to remove any excess wax and mites. Next, treatment with ear drops will be done. Ear mites are extremely contagious, so it is important that if you have a multi-pet household you have all the animals checked out if one has been diagnosed with ear mites. Normally, only one treatment needs to be done in the veterinarian office. Any follow-up can be done at home with instructions.

Veterinary Hospital in Laguna Hills

The veterinary staff at Trinity Pet Hospital will be happy to examine your animal to see if it is has ear mites that has him in such discomfort. Call and make an appointment today at our Laguna Hills office and have your pet on the way to comfort by tomorrow.

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