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Pet Seizures

Treating Pet Seizures

If you have a pet emergency such as a pet seizure, you want to get the best care available to help your pet recover and determine the cause. If you live in Laguna Hills or the surrounding area, and your pet experiences a medical emergency, bring him in for veterinary care at Trinity Pet Hospital. If your pet has experienced seizures, you can count on us to effectively diagnose and treat the problem.


Tracking Down the Cause

When a seizure occurs, remain calm and check the time. Tracking the length of a seizure will help the vet develop a diagnosis. Your dog will not swallow its tongue during the seizure so do not try to grab it as you will likely get bitten. Cushion your dog’s head and gently hold the animal until he begins to regain consciousness. Once the event has passed, call the veterinarian as you may need to bring the animal in for immediate care.

A pet may have seizures for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they may have been poisoned, bitten, or suffering from an internal condition. Whatever the case may be, we have trained professionals and to diagnose and treat your pet. As soon as you observe your pet having a seizure, it is essential to call and notify the veterinarian's office so they can expect you to arrive. This way, we can provide immediate care and treatment to get the best possible results.

We take pride in treating our patients like they were our own pets. When you need services and treatment from Trinity Pet Hospital, you can be assured that you will get superior service from a highly-trained veterinarian who cares about each pet's well-being. Pet seizures are scary for the animal and owners alike, we will provide the quality care to handle this emergency.

We are a Leading Animal Hospital in Laguna Hills, CA

Whether you need treatment for pet seizures or you need products and services to ensure your pet stays healthy and happy, you can count on Trinity Pet Hospital. Our animal hospital handles emergencies and routine care daily as well as offering on-site surgical services.

If you live in or around Laguna Hills, CA, store our phone number (949) 768-1314 on your phone and be prepared for when an emergency arises. Trinity Pet Hospital will help you through this and any medical emergency that your furry friend experiences. For non-emergencies like routine pet wellness exams and other forms of veterinary care, call us today to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian. Our staff provides compassionate care for each patient to ensure your furry friend is happy and healthy for years to come.

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