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Gastric Dilation Volvulus

Dogs are some of the most popular furry family members. There are many different breeds of dogs, each with unique personality types and body compositions. From tiny, feisty dogs to large "gentle Ben" types, there are many dogs a person can call family from this group referred to as "man's best friends."

Our Laguna Hills, CA, veterinarian at Trinity Pet Hospital is committed to protecting your dog's overall health and wellness, regardless of their breed. We accomplish this through a routine pet exam as well as paying attention to issues that don't resolve or chronic conditions. 

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Gastric Dilation Volvulus

Gastric Dilation Volvulus, or GDV, is a disorder characterized by an enlarged or bloated stomach that often develops due to the rotation of a dog's internal mesenteric access. This disorder can be life-threatening and typically affects extremely large or giant dog breeds. Once treated, the mortality rate after GDV is 20-45%.

What Are the Symptoms of GDV?

If your dog suffers from GDV, you may notice an enlarged abdomen. You may also notice changes in their breathing. Rapid or shallow breathing patterns are characteristic of dogs suffering from GDV. Your dog may be unable to vomit, salivate profusely, and be cold to the touch with a pale nose and gums. Restlessness, anxiety, pacing, and an elevated heart rate are also symptoms.

However, even if your dog only shows a few of these symptoms, it's best to get it to a vet as soon as possible. An evaluation will determine the root causes of these symptoms and help us to find the best treatment plan to restore our dogs' health and comfort.

Even if it's determined that your dog doesn't have GDV, they can still receive much-needed treatment even if their issue is much less serious. Your dog's overall health and wellness is extremely important to us. We know that a pet exam can unearth a lot of information regarding your pets' health issues. 

What Is the Treatment for GDV?

Once it has been determined that a dog is suffering from GDV, the treatment plan requires exploratory surgery. The surgery involves untwisting parts of your dog's stomach and sewing it to the internal walls.

If your dog's condition is extremely serious, parts of their stomach or spleen may need to be removed. However, this is determined by the severity of the disorder. 

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If you think your dog may be suffering from GDV, call Trinity Pet Hospital to schedule your dog's evaluation or pet exam at 949-768-1314.

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