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Why See the Laguna Hills Veterinarian for Affordable Spay or Neuter Services?

cat getting pr-op exam before spay or neuter in Laguna Hills, CA

At Trinity Pet Hospital, your Laguna Hills veterinarian service, we strive to prevent pet overpopulation by offering affordable spaying and neutering. There is more to the spay and neuter process than just population control, though. Choosing this option means you are contributing to your pet’s overall health and long-term welfare. It is an important decision and one we would like to help you make wisely.

What You Need to Know About Spaying or Neutering Your Pet

The Humane Society estimates there are between six to eight million homeless animals in the U.S. You can reduce those numbers by being diligent about spaying and neutering all of your pets. It is the only 100 percent effective birth control method available for dogs and cats.

Getting your pet “fixed” does more than just prevent them from having babies. Your pet’s health depends on you making the right choice. Spaying and neutering can increase the lifespan of the animal by reducing the risk of certain types of cancer. Unspayed female cats and dogs often develop pyometra, a fatal form of uterine infection, or cancers of the reproductive system. You completely eliminate a male pet's risk of testicular cancer through neutering and lower the odds of them getting a prostate disease.

What is the Difference Between Spay and Neuter?

Spaying refers to the type of surgery done on a female pet, whether it is a cat, dog or even a rabbit. During this procedure, the vet removes the ovaries and uterus to prevent pregnancy.

Neutering is the surgery done on males. It involves the complete removal of the animals' testes.

Is It Safe to Have a Laguna Hills Veterinarian Do the Surgery?

There are few complications with either of these simple procedures. Each pet has a full pre-op exam to make sure they are healthy enough for the surgery. The Laguna Hills  veterinarian will only do the procedures if the animal is old enough to tolerate a general anesthetic and in good health.

How Long is the Recovery Time?

Both of these surgeries are common and well-tolerated, but you should expect your pet to need at least two weeks to recover. Your pet will stay at the hospital for a short time to ensure there are no complications before going home with you. At home, the vet will ask you to watch for signs of infection, like discharge from the incision site or swelling. If necessary, you can bring your pet back in for a follow-up exam to rule out problems.

Spay and neutering are the best ways you can help your beloved pet enjoy a better quality of life. It calms them down and reduces incidents of wandering and their risk of disease.

If you have any questions about affordable spay or neuter surgery and want to make an appointment with Trinity Pet Hospital, give us a call at 949-768-1314. We are here to help.