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Pet Dentistry

Trinity Pet Hospital: Pet Dentistry at Its Best

Regular dental care from Trinity Pet Hospital is key to your pet enjoying good oral health. Oral care plays an important role in your pet’s overall health and wellness. Healthy teeth and gums can improve your pet’s quality of life from babyhood through his senior years.

What Qualifies as Pet Dental Care?

At Trinity Pet Hospital, we encourage pet owners to bring their pup or kit in for annual dental exams. During a dental exam, your veterinarian in Laguna Hills can detect such problems as broken teeth, abscesses, periodontal disease, tartar buildup, cavities and more. Treating these problems in their early stages can save your pet pain and suffering later down the line. In addition to dental exams, our dental care program includes:

Professional teeth cleaning – We remove plaque and tartar and polish your pet’s teeth.

Tooth extractions – We remove damaged, infected teeth to protect your pet’s health.

Cavity filling – we fill cavities in your pet’s teeth to restore their usefulness.

Preventative care consulting services – We’ll educate you on caring for your pet’s teeth to reduce dental issues and pet dentistry bills.

Pet dental procedures at our animal hospital are performed under anesthesia for the protection and safety of your pet. This enables our veterinary specialist to do a thorough job without worrying about your pet moving about or suffering pain.

Symptoms of Dental Problems and Diseases  

Dogs and cats often display signs to show they’re suffering from a dental problem or disease. By recognizing these symptoms, you’ll know your pet needs dental care. As dental problems can escalate quickly, don’t hesitate to call our veterinary expert or visit our animal clinic if you suspect your pup or kit needs dental care. The following signs could indicate your pet needs dental treatment:

Bad breath – Bad breath could be a symptom of tooth infection or decay. If horrible breath is keeping you from bonding with your pup or kit, take him in for a dental checkup. 

Bleeding gums – If your pet’s gums are inflamed and bleeding, see your vet.

Discolored teeth – Healthy teeth are white and shiny. Discolored or spotty teeth are signs of plaque or tartar buildup. Schedule a cleaning with your vet.

Loose or cracked teeth – If your pet suddenly loses his appetite, has trouble chewing or spits his food back out, he could be suffering pain from a loose or cracked tooth. Take him to our animal clinic for a checkup right away.

Schedule a Dental Exam at Trinity Pet Hospital!

For quality dentistry services for your beloeved pet, contact your Laguna Hills veterinarian at Trinity Pet Hospital today. Schedule your appointment by calling  949-232-1788.

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