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Providing Pet Dentistry to Laguna Hills, CA

Keeping your pet's teeth clean and healthy is an important part of taking care of your pet! As your Laguna Hills veterinarian, we happily provide pet dental services to pets of many types and sizes. Working with pet owners of Laguna Hills, we help pets maintain healthy gums and teeth.

Symptoms of Pet Dental Disease

Knowing the symptoms of pet dental disease can help you maintain your pet's oral hygiene. Once you recognize the signs of gum disease and infection, you'll know when to get your pet professional dental care.

  • Bad breath. Few pets have genuinely pleasant breath, but your pet's breath should be acceptable enough that you can enjoy time spent petting and interacting with your pet. If your pet has very bad breath, this is a sign of bacteria and possibly of infection.

  • Discolored teeth. Your pet's teeth should be white and polished. You should not see brown or black spots on your pet's teeth or gums.

  • Red, inflamed, bleeding gums. Your pet's gums should be light pink and firm.

  • Loose, broken or missing teeth. If you see signs that your pet has lost or cracked teeth, this is likely because your pet has gum disease.

Home Dental Maintenance is Critical

Pet owners can take care of their pet's teeth by performing maintenance at home. Giving regular inspections and brushing your pet's teeth can help you keep your pet's teeth clean and may also help you catch dental disease before it progresses. When brushing your pet's teeth, remember the following:

  • Use the right tools. Use a toothbrush and tooth paste designed for the type of animal you own.

  • Train your pet. Many pets don't feel comfortable having their teeth touched by their owners unless they are trained. Start off by touching your pet's teeth with your fingers, and work your way up to brushing your pet's teeth with a toothbrush.

  • Work with your pet's vet if you have questions. Your pet's veterinarian can teach you how to brush your pet's teeth, if you're not comfortable with the process.

Trinity Pet Hospital Provides Dental Services

At Trinity Pet Hospital, we provide the following dental services to pets:

  • Exams. We'll examine your pet's teeth for signs of dental disease, plaque, cavities and more.

  • Teeth cleaning. We clean and polish teeth for pets, removing plaque and keeping the teeth white and shiny.

  • Tooth extractions. Sometimes we need to remove infected teeth in order to keep the pet healthy.

  • Cavity fillings. If your pet has cavities, we'll fill the cavities and keep your pet's teeth healthy.

  • Dental consulting services. We'll help you learn to take better care of your pet's teeth at home, which can reduce your pet's dentistry bills.

Schedule Your Pets Dental Cleaning With Trinity Pet Hospital In Laguna Hills

If you're looking for quality pet dental services in Laguna Hills, contact Trinity Pet Hospital today at 949-768-1314. Our skilled and courteous staff will help you make an appointment.