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Pet Surgery

Every pet owner under the sun only wants what is best for their furry, feathery, or scaly best friend.  Sometimes, a pet's health requires more than a good diet and regular exercise.  Pets also require surgery, especially when they are suffering from pain. Here at Trinity Pet Hospital, we have a standard practice for surgical operations. 

Pet Surgery

Pre-Examination for Pet Surgery

Our pet hospital takes every measure necessary to treat your pet without requiring surgery.  This necessitates a pre-surgical exam to make certain that the issue is serious enough for surgery, and to check that there will be no problems that might affect a surgery.  Our veterinarian will check over an animal's record to make certain that they can handle the process: some dogs and cats may not be able to endure anesthetics. 

A pre-examination will usually include x-ray scans to locate the problem and make certain it can be corrected, as well as blood work to make certain there are no complications that could increase the risk of an operation.

Before the Animal Operation

Our veterinary team is familiar with how best to manage an animal's pain during surgery.  Luckily, veterinary science has come a long way to make certain that an operation leaves a pet in as little discomfort as possible.  An analgesic (pain medication) will work on a pet's pain receptors well in advance of the surgery so that there is no residual hurt.  It may be possible to combine the pain medication with the sedative itself so that your dog or cat only needs one shot before they can be safely brought into surgery.

Surgery and Stability

Once your pet is brought into the surgical room, our veterinarians make every effort to make certain their operation will be successful.  This means measuring everything from an animal's body temperature to its breathing rate.  The surgery itself may be quite quick, requiring little more than an incision and a set of stitches to close the wound.  Whether it is brief, or it requires a longer operation, we make certain the pet is stable during this time.


At Trinity Pet Hospital, our attention to the recovery from the surgery is just as important as the attention to the surgery itself.  All pets respond differently to surgery, and we respond to their needs by checking oxygen levels, temperature, and motor stability.  Only when we are certain the analgesic has worn off do we permit the pet to be returned home.

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Pet surgery is a nervous time for any animal owner.  Our surgical process ensures the highest quality of results and care for your pet.  Contact Trinity Pet Hospital today if you have questions about surgical procedures, or if you are not certain what operation might be best for your furry friend.

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