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Our Veterinarian in Laguna Hills, CA

At Trinity Pet Hospital, we offer the region an option for reliable veterinary care in Laguna Hills CA and the surrounding region. We supply residents with everything they need to keep their pet healthy and happy for many years to come. We offer our patients' families the ability to contact us at their convenience. 

Services You Can Contact Us for  

At Trinity Animal Hospital, we offer veterinary care in Laguna Hills CA with services ranging from pet dental care, spaying and neutering, pet surgery, laser therapy and annual wellness exams. We treat a wide variety of problems like infections, skin disorders, and even chronic health conditions. We'll create a vaccination schedule for your pet based on his or her age, size, breed and species. We'll help you keep your pet on track with vaccinations in order to prevent serious conditions that could shorten your pet's life expectancy. 

Why Contact Us 

All of our services are provided by a well-respected veterinarian in Laguna Hills CA. Our Dr. Kerolos has had a passion for animals since he was a child. He grew up watching his uncle practice as a veterinarian and ever since has aspired to walk in his shoes. Today, he's a prominent vet who strives to provide patients with thorough evaluations, a comprehensive level of services and a caring disposition unsurpassed by most veterinarians in the area. 

We offer emergency services, so you avoid the long wait times of standard vet hospitals. In addition to our veterinarian, we also offer a wide variety of services, so our facility may be the only location you deal with in terms of your pet's health. We realize once you find a team you like, you'll want to see the same vet and veterinarian staff for years to come. That's why we develop a solid relationship with our patients and their families.  

We aim to provide your pet with care quickly, which can save your pet's life in some cases. In all cases, our emergency services allow your pet the recover faster, so he or she can resume life as usual sooner.  

We're an affordable solution for your pet's health needs. We want to help your pet recover or remain healthy, and we realize the only way we can do this is by offering solutions that are affordable for our patients. We realize the price of spaying and neutering oftentimes hinders pet owners from having their pet undergo the procedure. However, we price our spaying and neutering services at a reasonable rate, so you can prevent unwanted pregnancies, reduce the unpleasant hormonal symptoms and reduce your pet's risk of cancer as well as the stress of wanting to breed.  

Contact us today to ask any questions or schedule an appointment. 

You can contact by loading our online form and filling it out by clicking the "Email" hyperlink. Additionally, you can call our veterinarian at Laguna Hills at Trinity Animal Hospital by calling 949-768-1314

24861 Alicia Pkwy
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Phone: (949) 768-1314
Fax: (949) 768-5125

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Trinity Pet Hospital


24861 Alicia Pkwy,
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