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Pet Dermatology

Laguna Hills Pet Dermatology Laguna Hills veterinerian, Dr. Maged Kerolos, identifies skin problems, provides pain relief, clears up infections & heals pet’s skin at trinity pet hospital

If your pet scratches or bites at the skin or experiences excess hair loss, he may be suffering from a skin disease or allergic reaction. Many skin conditions share symptoms, so proper treatment requires an accurate diagnosis from a Laguna Hills veterinarian trained in pet dermatology. Our experienced vet, Dr. Maged Kerolos, knows how to identify the specifics of different skin problems so he can provide pain relief, clear up infections and heal your pet’s skin quickly.

Pet Allergies

Just like humans, dogs and cats are sometimes allergic to pollen and mold. These pet allergies often cause skin irritation, resulting in excessive scratching and biting, which leads to scabbing and hair loss. The irritated area can easily become infected.

That’s why, if you notice these symptoms, you should bring your dog or cat to Trinity Pet Hospital without delay. With prompt treatment, your pet can avoid infections that could prolong the healing process.

Diagnosing and Treating Pet Allergies

Dr. Kerolos may recommend an intradermal skin test to precisely diagnose your pet’s allergy. Depending on the cause behind the scratching and biting, our Laguna Hills veterinarian will recommend different treatments such as allergy shots or antihistamine medication to reduce symptoms. Milder conditions may simply require a proactive treatment method of reducing your pet’s exposure to a particular allergen and thus decreasing symptoms.

Pet Skin Diseases

Conditions such as ringworm, feline acne and mange can be painful for your pet and cause skin problems. These pet diseases are very contagious and could pass between animals in your household. Effective treatment can stop the spread of disease.


Despite its name, ringworm isn’t caused by a parasitic worm. Instead, bacteria are to blame for the condition. If our Laguna Hills veterinarian suspects your pet has ringworm, he’ll take a culture of the infected area and test it to confirm his diagnosis.

Feline Acne

A common condition among cats, feline acne causes the appearance of pimples on your kitty’s chin. Many cases clear up without treatment, but severe feline acne requires a medicated shampoo to clear up the infection. You know it’s time to bring your cat to see our Laguna Hills veterinarian if the acne has lingered for more than a few weeks.


Dogs and cats can contract mange, a condition caused when parasitic mites irritate the animal’s skin. The condition may be localized to a specific area or it may affect the entire body. When the skin is affected, at-home bathing and/or grooming by our Laguna Hills veterinarian using medicated shampoo can help. Preventative medication is also highly recommended, as are prescription ear drops if mites have infested this area.

Schedule Pet Dermatology Services from Our Laguna Hills Veterinarian

Regardless of the reason your dog or cat is scratching and biting, bring your pet to Trinity Pet Hospital to receive a diagnosis and begin treatment from our experienced Laguna Hills veterinarian. Call us at (949) 768-1314 to schedule your appointment.

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