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Holistic Approaches to Lameness

At Trinity Pet Hospital, we provide veterinarian care to pets in the greater Laguna Hills, CA, area. When you bring your pet to us, you can rest assured we will help provide the best care we can. We know your pets are more than just animals. They are our friends and we can help them live better lives. Among conditions treated by vets are those related to overall health, not just sudden illnesses. Lameness is one such condition that we can care for.


Using Wholistic Care to Treat Lameness

In pets, lameness is limping or refusing to use a leg. This can be caused by a variety of health-related issues. Lameness can be caused by arthritis, disc disease, hip dysplasia, tumors, and various aging-related issues. Often, lameness is caused by conditions brought on by your pet getting older. The good news is a holistic approach from a veterinarian can help your pet live a more comfortable life and reduce the impact of the underlying conditions that lead to lameness.

Wholistic Treatment Methods

Wholistic treatment takes a broad approach to care and recovery. It makes use of different methods to help get your pet relief form his symptoms or potentially reduce the progression of his condition. This may mean a holistic approach can blend common treatment techniques such as pharmaceuticals with supporting methods such as exercise. Wholistic methods also try to treat the entire body, not just a single symptom. This makes preventative methods a part of holistic treatment, which can help make the management of long-term issues easier.  

Your Pet and Wholistic Care

Lameness can have a variety of underlying causes. The condition can be cured if the cause itself is something that can be fully corrected. In some cases, the condition will have to be managed and not cured. However, proper management of a long-term condition can help reduce the impact it has on your pet’s health.

Learn More about Pet Examination and Conditions Treated by a Veterinarian Near You

When you need pet conditions treated in Laguna Hills, CA, we are here to help you. If your pet is having health issues walking or favoring a leg, bring him in for a pet examination. We can help you manage your pet’s condition better and help him recover, potentially preventing future issues such as limping. Contact us at Trinity Pet Hospital today to learn more about our services. Call us at (949) 768-1314 for more information about pet examination and conditions treated by a veterinarian near you.

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