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Rehabilitation for Lame Pets

Pets can have trouble putting weight on one or more legs due to illness or injuries. Your pet can develop lameness in the affected area over time. Rehabilitation can help your pet improve its range of motion and quality of life. Our conditions treated at Trinity Pet Hospital in Laguna Hills, CA, include lameness in pets. A pet examination will help us treat your pet’s lameness and have it moving like it used to.

Rehabilitation for Lame Pets

Causes of Lameness in Pets

Lameness in pets can happen due to several causes. Some pets become lame from a significant injury, such as a broken leg or hip. Other pets might have lameness due to osteoarthritis or other conditions that cause chronic joint pain. These conditions can make moving the affected area challenging. Our veterinarian may recommend rehabilitation for lameness based on the cause, severity, and other factors.

Types of Rehabilitation for Pets

Rehabilitation for lameness varies from pet to pet, but specific exercises or approaches can help. Physical therapy done under the guidance of a veterinary physiotherapist helps pets slowly increase their range of motion through exercises.

Hydrotherapy can also help with lameness. Hydrotherapy involves having pets use an underwater treadmill or doing other water exercises. Being in the water helps ease pressure on your pet’s joints, which may help reduce stiffness and pain. Our veterinarian can determine if this type of rehabilitation will benefit your pet.

Dietary therapy can help pets who are overweight. Excess weight leads to more strain on your pet’s legs and joints. Helping your pet lose weight through diet management might help ease lameness.

What to Expect at Your Appointment

Our veterinarian will ask you to provide information on your pet’s condition to determine the cause of its lameness. We want to know how often your pet experiences lameness, which part of its body is affected, and whether it has other symptoms. Our list of conditions treated is long, and we can provide care for underlying problems linked to lameness.

Schedule a Pet Examination in Laguna Hills, CA, Today

Your pet’s lames could signal a significant health issue that requires prompt treatment, so contact Trinity Pet Hospital in Laguna Hills, CA, to get your pet the care it needs to remain healthy and happy. Call us and schedule a pet examination today at (949) 768-1314.

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