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Pet Arthritis FAQs

Pets can often develop similar issues that humans also experience. For example, osteoarthritis is a common condition that pets can develop as the cartilage in their joints begins to wear out. Without the cartilage, the bones rub together, leading to a great deal of pain. If your pet is suffering from arthritis, our team at Trinity Pet Hospital in Laguna Hills is ready to help. Here are a few common questions pet owners often have about pet arthritis and how they can help their animals.  

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What Are the Signs of Arthritis in Pets?

We understand that it can be challenging to tell whether or not your pet is suffering from health-related issues, especially a condition like arthritis. However, your pet might whine, howl, or make noises that suggest they aren’t comfortable. You may also notice that your pet’s legs seem stiffer than usual, and he or she struggles to get up or lay down. Your pet may also gradually refuse to go on walks or play as much as they used to when suffering from arthritis.

Are Certain Breeds More Likely to Get Arthritis?

At our Laguna Hills pet hospital, we often see many different breeds of dogs and cats suffering from arthritis. Any type of breed can develop arthritis, but there are a few that are known for being prone to developing the condition. For example, Labradors are known for developing arthritis in their hips and shoulders. You’ll also want to know that larger breeds tend to develop arthritis earlier and more often due to the pressure that their weight puts on their joints.

How Can a Veterinarian Treat Arthritis?

There isn’t a cure for arthritis in pets, but our veterinarian offers various management options to help ease your pet’s pain. When you bring your animal to our clinic, Dr. Kerolos will first assess his or her physical health and take x-rays to aid in thoroughly diagnosing your pet’s condition. If arthritis is detected, our vet can prescribe pain medications to keep your pet comfortable and recommend lifestyle changes to prevent arthritis from negatively impacting his or her life.

Visit Us for Pet Arthritis Care from Our Veterinarian in Laguna Hills, CA

Pets rely on their owners to provide the necessary care when they are not feeling their best. When you notice cues that something isn’t right with your animal, make sure to take action by bringing them to our Laguna Hills clinic. At Trinity Pet Hospital, we can diagnose what is causing your pet’s pain and take steps to keep them as comfortable as possible as they age.

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