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Pet Exercise FAQ's

Pet Exercise FAQ's in Laguna Hills

Pets are no different than people when it comes to getting enough exercise for good health. At our animal hospital in Laguna Hills, we see too many pets suffering unnecessarily from diseases caused by obesity and sedentary lifestyles. Your Laguna Hills vet wants all dog and cat owners to know why pets need exercise and how to ensure pets are exercising safely.

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How Do You Know Your Dog Isn't Getting Enough Exercise?

If your dog is a chronic barker, digs holes in the yard and generally misbehaves, he or she may not be getting enough exercise. Also, certain dog breeds are born to herd livestock, perform work and remain active. These dogs especially need exercise to "burn off" their physical and mental energy.

In some cases, an unwanted behavior may be due to an illness or disease. If you think your dog is getting enough exercise but is still hyperactive, schedule an appointment at our animal hospital in Laguna Hills for a wellness exam.

How Do You Exercise Indoor Cats?

All cat owners know cats do not respond well to being leashed and walked. If your cat is strictly an indoor cat, spend time playing with your cat using dangling cat toys, laser pointers or old shoelaces you can pull over the floor. Hide toys under blankets and move them under the blanket so your cat sees movement but not the toy.

What Should I Know about Exercising My Dog?

On hot days, avoid walking your dog in the afternoon. Take walks in the morning or evening before and after the sun is too strong. Be aware dogs sweat only through paw pads and regulate body temperature by panting. If your dog is panting for more than 10 minutes, stop and give him a drink of fresh water.

Although paw pads feel thick and semi-solid, they can bet easily burned on hot sand or pavement so remain vigilant of where you are walking your dog. Finally, don't exercise your dog immediately after a meal. Bloating and stomach cramps can occur, especially in Boxers, Great Danes, Labrador Retrievers and other deep-chested dogs.

Can Senior Dogs and Cats Exercise?

Of course! Unless your pet suffers from a serious heart or lung disease, your Laguna Hills vet recommends dogs and cats of all ages engage in physical and mental activities that do not compromise their health. If you aren't sure how much exercise your senior pet should receive, we can help you develop an exercise program appropriate for your pet.

Bring Your Pet to Meet Our Laguna Hills Vet for Wellness Care

Wellness exams are just as essential to your pet's health as exercise. Contact our Trinity Pet Hospital at (949) 768-1314 to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian.

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