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Tapeworms, Roundworms & Hookworms

Tapeworms, roundworms, and hookworms are all parasites that can infect your pet and affect their health. At Trinity Pet Hospital in Laguna Hills, CA, we offer treatment that can offer your cat or dog relief and help it live a long and healthy life. To learn more about these common parasites and why treatment is important, keep reading below! 



Tapeworms are long, flat, white, and resemble a tape measure. The parasites can infect your pet's intestines and feed off of the nutrients from the food that is being digested within the intestines. As a result, tapeworms can cause a nutrient deficiency in your pet. If you notice that your cat or dog has pieces that look like rice in their feces, it may be infected with tapeworms.


Hookworms are also intestinal parasites and receive its name from the hook-like portion of his or her mouth. While the worms is relatively small, it uses that hook-like mouthpart to feed on the blood from your pet's intestinal walls. When the hookworms are left untreated, it can lead to anemia in your pet. Black and tarry stool, vomiting, and a decrease in appetite may occur from hookworms.


Roundworms classify as an intestinal worm as well and look like earthworms. These parasites will eat the partially digested food contents in your pet's intestines. Since a roundworm eliminates nutrients from your cat or dog, it can affect your pet’s growth if it is still young. If your pet has a pot-bellied appearance or a dull coat, it might have roundworms.

Diagnosis and Treatment

When you visit our office, our veterinarian will begin with a pet exam to determine a diagnosis. The process sally requires a stool sample that is sent to the lab and a test that looks for the presence of eggs or worm segments. Since a false negative is possible, you may need to visit us again with your pet for an accurate diagnosis.

If your pet happens to have worms, it will need a dewormer for treatment. We'll also provide you with advice on parasite prevention and medication that can prevent worms in your pet.

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If you notice any symptoms of parasites in your pet, we recommend visiting us at Trinity Pet Hospital in Laguna Hills, CA. We will evaluate your cat or dog and provide it with the necessary treatment. To learn more about our treatments and to schedule an appointment contact us at (949) 768-1314 today.

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