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Hip Dysplasia

Veterinary Treatment for Hip Dysplasia

Unfortunately, your pet can suffer from the same ailments as you, including hip dysplasia. This condition is one of the most common skeletal diseases in canines. Hip dysplasia means the hip joint fails to develop normally, and it is caused by genetic factors. An animal with hip dysplasia will generally have difficulties getting around as a result of the loss of function in his or her hip joints. If you notice any of the following symptoms, it is essential that your pet be taken to an animal hospital like Trinity Pet Hospital in Laguna Hills for a veterinary exam to determine the best treatment.

Veterinary Treatment for Hip Dysplasia

Signs and Symptoms

The first and often most notable sign of hip dysplasia in dogs is that they may be more reluctant to be physically active. Moving around can strain the joints, causing a significant amount pain to your animal. Common symptoms may include:Problems getting up

    • A decrease in activity
    • Reluctant to jump or climb stairs
    • A decrease of muscle mass in his or her thigh muscles
    • Looseness of joints
    • Hind-limb lameness
    • Swaying
    • Stiffness

If you notice any of these indications, it is important that you take your pet to our veterinarian in Laguna Hills for an examination.

Treatment for Hip Dysplasia

In majority of situations, treatment for hip dysplasia is done on an outpatient basis, unless surgery is needed. The most common treatment for hip dysplasia is physiotherapy, which can help to decrease stiffness in the hip joints and maintain muscle integrity. Sustaining a healthy weight can prevent extra pressure on his or her joints, and even though some movement can increase pain to your pet, it is essential to try to incorporate some mild activity into your furry animal’s daily routine. Our veterinarian can recommend a change in diet and exercise regimen appropriate for your pet. Our vet may even prescribe anti-inflammatory medicine to reduce the swelling around the joints, depending how severe it is.

Contact Our Veterinarian in Laguna Hills for Pain Relief

If your dog’s pain worsens or you notice a significant decrease in activity, contact our animal hospital to schedule an appointment. Our veterinarian can help decrease the pain your furry animal is feeling. If you have any questions about hip dysplasia, or to make an appointment, call Trinity Pet Hospital in Laguna Hills at (949) 768-1314!

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