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Emergency Pet Services

Pet Emergency Care: Life-Saving Veterinary Care & Pet Surgery

When every minute matters, our Laguna Hills veterinary team provides life-saving urgent and emergency veterinary care. From accidental poisoning to gastric torsion (twisted stomach), our emergency care means life-saving assistance for your pet at a minute’s notice. While no appointment is required for emergency care or urgent pet surgery, please call ahead during our regular practice hours so we can make accommodations before you bring your pet to our animal hospital.

Emergency Care & Pet Surgery with Laguna Hills Veterinarians You Trust

Our emergency care team has substantial practice treating common pet emergencies, including traumatic injuries, accidental poisoning, foreign object ingestion, heat stroke, and gastric torsion. If your pet has sustained an accidental injury or is exhibiting the warning symptoms for poisoning, heat stroke or gastric torsion, immediate care is critical to saving your pet’s life. Without emergency care, your pet will not only suffer from extreme pain, but may also go into shock, struggle to breathe or lose consciousness. The sooner your pet receives emergency care, the more treatment options are available to our team. Despite our best efforts and technology advancements, once a pet loses consciousness, it may be difficult to revive the pet. Prompt emergency care saves lives.

Many pet emergencies require urgent surgery. Thanks to our advanced diagnostic equipment, our team is fully prepared for emergency pet surgery. Surgery may be necessary for many different kinds of emergencies, including a traumatic blunt force trauma wound, gastric torsion (twisted stomach), or foreign object ingestion. Our diagnostic services include digital radiography, ultrasound and an in-office lab for immediate blood work results. These advanced diagnostic tools make it easier for our veterinary care team to precisely and accurately diagnose the health problems affecting your pet – and take steps for immediate, effective emergency care.

Accidental poisoning is the most common pet emergency – and also the pet emergency that can most easily be prevented. Common household poisons include chocolate, antifreeze, toothpaste, prescription medication, and some cleaning supplies. Without proper precautions, curious pets can easily ingest these substances, leading to near-fatal or fatal outcomes. Remember, the majority of accidents – even pets being hit by a car – typically happen close to home. Proactive care on the part of pet owners is the best way to keep your pet healthy and active for years to come.

In addition to emergency care, our animal dermatology team also provides urgent care to treat skin conditions affecting your pet, such as ringworm, mange or other bacterial skin infections. Our animal hospital works on a “triage” basis, which means we address the most serious and life-threatening conditions first. Should your pet need urgent or emergency care, please bring your pet directly to our animal hospital. Our team will assist your pet upon arrival.

To learn more about our urgent and emergency care services, as well as animal dermatology, contact our Laguna Hills veterinarian at (949) 768-1314.

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