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Mites, Fleas, and Ticks

Pet Care for Mites, Fleas, and Ticks

Here at Trinity Pet Hospital in Laguna Hills, CA, our veterinarian believes in pest treatment and pest prevention. If your pets are outside often, they can get parasites like ear mites, fleas and ticks. We can identify these parasites and offer effective treatments and preventives after a pet exam. 


Ear Mites: How to Recognize & Treat Them

If you’ve noticed your pet doing excessive ear scratching or head shaking, they might have ear mites. During a pet exam, our veterinarian can determine if this pest is the cause or if there is another source, such as fleas or ticks. Treatment might be necessary to help prevent damage to the ear and our veterinarian in Laguna Hills can offer prescription drops to be applied at home.

Pest Prevention for Fleas & Ticks

Fleas and ticks can cause numerous health problems in animals. When left untreated, some of these conditions can become severe to the point of threatening your pet’s health. Protect your pets from getting ticks and fleas by using collars, sprays and liquid skin treatments that can help kill these pests when they come in contact with your animals. These measures can stave off infestation and disease while protecting your home from invaders.

Pest Treatment for Fleas & Ticks

Our vet in Laguna Hills can recommend specific preventives and treatments to help battle common parasites. Should you discover that your pet has fleas or ticks, it’s likely they are also present on other animals and throughout the home. Here are a few tips that might help resolve the presence of these pests in both pets and the home.

  1. Bathe the pets in the home with a special flea and tick killing shampoo and follow up with a spray when they are dry
  2. Dust, vacuum, or mop the home.
  3. Wash pet water dishes and pet bowls and even the litter box if you have cats, as they can house adult pests or larvae.

Most importantly, be sure to follow up pest treatment with flea and tick prevention methods.

Get Pest Prevention and Pest Treatment after a Pet Exam from Our Veterinarian

If your pet does happen to have a battle with ticks or fleas, our team at Trinity Pet Hospital in Laguna Hill, CA, can help. We will help treat their specific condition. Our solutions will help get rid of fleas and ticks and help prevent recurrences of infestations. Contact us today to schedule a pet exam and get professional advice. Call us at (949) 768-1314 for more information.

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