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Vaccinations and Preventative Medicine

Vaccinations and preventative health care for your pet will save you money in the long run. More importantly, perhaps, it will help keep your pet healthy and help them have a long life. At Trinity Pet Hospital our veterinarian cares about the quality of your pet's life and preventative care is a key part of making that happen. At your Laguna Hills animal clinic we offer the best of veterinary care, and we care about your pets as individual animals. Each client gets the care they deserve.


Vaccinations for your animal

Vaccinations prevent a host of diseases and illnesses from affecting your pets. Rabies vaccines are the most common and most essential. Some vaccines, like rabies shots, are considered core vaccines which means all pets need them. Some vaccines are dependent on what your pet is exposed to or what their risks are, and our veterinarian can help you make the best choices for your dog or cat.

Parasite Patrol

There are medications that will repel fleas and ticks, which are always out there and ready to attach themselves to your pet. This could be considered a vaccination in a sense. It does not take much outside exposure to put your pet in a vulnerable position with fleas and ticks, so using medicines that repel them is the best practice. For dogs, there is also the concern of heartworm, and all dogs should be on heartworm medication to make sure they don't get this deadly condition. Worms are another parasite that can be treated relatively easily by your veterinarian at our animal clinic. 

Veterinary Wellness Exam

Our veterinarian recommends a yearly physical examination to keep your pet in good health. This is a good time to get vaccinations as well. During a physical exam, your pet's vital signs will be taken, such as temperature, weight, and so forth. The veterinarian will also examine the pet from nose to tail to make sure everything is as it should be. Often signs of an issue can be spotted early and can be treated. Preventative care can often help avoid further illness and more expensive treatment. Our animal hospital also keeps a history of your pet, and that is valuable for keeping track of health issues as the pet ages.

Trinity Pet Hospital in Laguna Hills

Visit Trinity Pet Hospital today in the Laguna Hills, CA area to schedule an appointment for your pet. Preventative care is key to keeping your pet healthy. Yearly examinations are a key component to health care for your animal, as well as vaccinations that can happen at the same time. Younger pets or senior pets may need examinations more often. Either way, the most important thing is the health and welfare of your pet. At our animal clinic, we want to keep your animal as healthy as possible. Call 949-232-1788 to schedule an appointment today!


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