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Pet Diabetes

At Trinity Pet Hospital in Laguna Hills, we often have to tell one of our clients that their pet has diabetes. This is more common as a pet age. This may seem like a devastating diagnosis, but diabetes can be treated. While it can't be cured, it can be managed in a way that your pet can continue to live a full, active life. Your veterinarian will work closely with you to find a routine that works best for your animal.

Trinity Pet Hospital Offers Treatment of Pet Diabetes

What is Diabetes

The pancreas produces a substance called insulin. This insulin carries glucose from the pancreas to the body. Glucose is the way your pet's body uses sugars for energy. When the glucose builds up in your pet's system, it goes into the urine, where it is released. With diabetes, there is not enough glucose to be used by the body's body. This, in turn, starves the various body parts of the energy they need to function properly.  Both dogs and cats can become diabetic.

Some of the most common signs your pet may be diabetic are:

  • Increased thirst
  • Appetite changes
  • Weight loss
  • Cloudy eyes
  • Recurring infections

Diabetes needs to be treated as early as possible in order to avoid damage to most of the major organs in the body.

How is Pet Diabetes Treated

The purpose of treatment for diabetes is to introduce insulin into the system so the glucose can be converted to energy. This is normally done by a daily injection that you will need to administer to your pet. Just as with humans, it may take some time of several adjustments before your pet's dosage is right for him. Once it is perfected, maintaining the correct level of insulin will help prevent further damage to major organs. In addition to the daily injections, your vet will work with you on your pet's diet and a regular exercise program. Both of these are important in the proper management of diabetes. It is important to have your pet examined regularly for diabetes as it ages so that the condition can be caught and managed as early as possible.

Laguna Hills Veterinary Clinic

Trinity Pet Hospital can help you manage your pet's diabetes. Our veterinarian knows your pet is much more than merely any animal, it is a family member. Having diabetes will require some lifestyle changes, but it doesn't need to be a sentence that will lower the quality of life for your furry friend. Give us a call today if you suspect a problem. 

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