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Skin Disease Treatment

Diagnosis and Skin Disease Treatment at Our Laguna Hills Animal Hospital

Skin disease is a relatively common (and potentially major) health issue among animals, and Laguna pets are no exception to this general rule. Allergic reactions, pests, parasites and cancers can seriously compromise your pet's health and quality of life. That's why our skilled veterinary team at Trinity Pet Hospital offers a full range of animal dermatology services to monitor, diagnose and treat such conditions, including counseling to help owners maintain a higher level of home preventative care.

A skin disease may be triggered either externally or internally. Some of the more familiar external triggers in animal dermatology include pests and parasites. These tiny creatures may bite the pet's skin to extract blood and/or take residence on the animal's body, laying eggs to create a future generation of suffering. Fleas are known causes of dermatitis, or skin irritation, in many dogs; additionally, both fleas and ticks carry dangerous diseases that can easily be transmitted through their bites. Mites are another pest that can irritate the skin; these tiny creatures cause the itching and inflammation of sarcoptic mange. Bathing at home and/or veterinary grooming with a medicated shampoo can help keep these creatures from proliferating on pets, but a regular course of preventative medication is also highly recommended.

Other types of skin diseases occur as a result of bacterial or fungal infection. The former often occurs as a complication of the primary irritating agent; for instance, when a flea infestation causes the skin to itch, the pet's compulsion to scratch, bite or lick the irritated area can break the skin and expose it to infiltration by harmful bacteria. Ringworm is an example of a fairly common fungal infection; this condition causes easily identifiable ring-like patterns of scaly skin and hair loss. Home grooming can help owners spot these problems so that prompt treatment at our animal hospital can be initiated.

Animal Dermatology and Veterinary Care for Common Skin Conditions

Allergies also come up in animal dermatology. Pets may be allergic to any number of substances, from airborne chemicals to pollen. Allergens can cause red, itchy skin rashes. Pets may also be allergic to the foods they eat, or to the grain-based additives these foods often contain. Food allergies typically manifest themselves as dermatitis, which can cause owners to confuse them with some other skin disease or form of allergic reaction. Our animal dermatology methods include testing for allergens to pinpoint which substances your Laguna Hills pet cannot tolerate, at which point we can recommend special diets or other lifestyle modifications.

Last but not least, skin tumors are by no means uncommon in dogs and cats. The majority of these are benign, but we still will biopsy the samples to determine whether additional treatment is necessary. Regular wellness evaluations can help us detect any type of skin disease more quickly, so contact our office to schedule a consultation.

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