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Spaying and Neutering FAQ

Spaying and Neutering FAQ In Laguna Hills

At Trinity Pet Hospital, your Laguna Hills veterinarian service, we provide affordable professional spaying and neutering services from a licensed veterinarian to improve your pet’s health over the long-term and reduce overpopulation.  Before you get started spaying or neutering your pet, you may have some questions about the process. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers. cats and dogs at a Laguna Hills Veterinarian

What is the difference between spaying and neutering?

Spaying is performed on a female pet, regardless of whether it’s a cat, dog or rabbit. During the procedure, your vet will remove the ovaries and uterus to prevent pregnancy.

Neutering is surgery performed on male pets, and involves the complete removal of the animals' testes

How old should my pet be?

Different vets will have different recommendations about when your pet should be spayed or neutered. At Trinity Pet Hospital, we believe pets can be spayed or neutered as early as 8 weeks, but should weigh more than two pounds in order to be fixed. Surgery is often easier on the pets earlier, as they are fixed before they are introduced to reproduction hormones that can make it more difficult for them. It also prevents unwanted litters that can occur if pet owners wait too long. 

Will my pet sleep?

Your pet will be provided with surgical anesthesia during the surgery by a trained veterinarian, so your pet will be “asleep” during the procedure.

Is the surgery painful?

The surgical procedure is done under general anesthesia, so your pet will not feel pain. However, afterwards there may be some pain and inflammation. Your pet will be given painkillers both before and after the surgery.

Why spay or neuter?

Spay and neutering are the best ways to help improve your pet’s quality life and health. These surgeries calm them down, reduce bad behavior, and reduce their risk of disease and wandering. It also reduces the amount of feral animals and animals without a home due to overpopulation, as there are millions of unwanted animals across the United States due in large part to pets that weren’t spayed or neutered.

Will it change my pet’s personality?

Surgery will not change your pet’s friendly or energetic behavior.  You may actually see an improvement in behavior regarding aggression, wandering, and house marking. The biggest difference in the reduction of negative behavior is usually seen in male dogs.

Should my pet have a litter first and can they be in heat?

It is not necessary for your pet to have a litter first before being spayed or neutered, it’s just a rumor that has spread over time. It’s also not a problem if your pet is spayed or neutered while they’re in heat. It may be a bit more difficult for the vet during surgery, but it will have no effect on the surgery’s success or your pet’s health.

How long is recovery?

Both surgeries are commonly performed and well tolerated by pets. You should provide your pet with at least two weeks to recover, but many are back to full health before that time period. Your pet will stay at the Trinity Pet Hospital for a short time in order to determine there were no complications before they go home. While at home, your vet will ask you to watch for signs of infection like discharge or severe swelling at the incision site. You can also bring your pet back to our offices for a follow-up examination to rule out any other problems.

Should I give my pet painkillers?

Your pet will be provided with prescription painkillers by your veterinarian, which will provide pain relief for up to 36 hours after surgery. You should never give over-the-counter painkillers to your pet without speaking to your vet, as common painkillers like aspirin are actually toxic to dogs and cats. If your pet is experiencing significant pain, you should speak with your vet about pain relief options.

If you have any further questions about affordable spay and neuter surgery or want to make an appointment with Trinity Pet Hospital, give us a call at (949) 768-1314 or visit our office at 24861 Alicia Pkwy Ste D, Laguna Hills, CA 92653. We are here to help. 

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