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Heartworm Treatment

At Trinity Pet Hospital in Laguna Hills, we have a team of compassionate pet lovers who understand the challenges that come with parasite treatment. One of the biggest concerns for owners arises should the presence of heartworms be found during a pet exam. However, there is parasite treatment available for this life-threatening condition, and our veterinarian team will be with you every step of the way to ensure success. 

Heartworm treatment

What Are Heartworms?

Heartworms are parasitic roundworms that can infect both canines and felines. This condition is typically contracted through being bitten by an infected mosquito, and here in Laguna Hills, our warm and moist environment attracts these pests. Dogs, in particular, are susceptible hosts for heartworms, and they tend to grow rapidly, reaching lengths of up to a foot or multiplying into hundreds of parasites. However, heartworm parasite prevention and treatment can provide protection for your pet.

Heartworm Treatment for Dogs and Cats

A series of injections are required to kill adult heartworms, including cycles of doxycycline and prednisone taken orally to reduce the chances of unwanted side effects. This process can take several months to complete, reducing the likelihood of reinfection or contraction by other pets.

If we suspect heartworms during a pet exam, our veterinarian is likely to recommend a few things, especially if the condition has progressed. As part of our parasite treatment for heartworms, we limit the daily activity of the pet to initiate the stabilization process. We begin treatment with oral prednisone and doxycycline therapy and then hospitalize your pet for a few days. This is done to kill any adult and juvenile heartworms in the bloodstream.

Once your pet is at home, there are therapies that you can administer to eliminate any remaining parasites while preventing further outbreaks or infestations. Our veterinarian in Laguna Hills might recommend melarsomine injections that you can administer at home, or our team can handle them in our office.

Pets With Heartworms: What to Expect at Home

The most important aspect of caring for dogs or cats at home after a diagnosis and during heartworm treatment is to limit their exercise. Your pet might not be so compliant at first, but crating your furry friend during this challenging time is essential for healing and to prevent other pets from contracting this issue. In essence, parasite prevention is crucial for multiple-pet homes.

Get Heartworm Prevention and Treatment at Trinity Animal Hospital

If you are looking for a reputable veterinary team in Laguna Hills, give us a call at 949-768-1314 or contact us online. We understand that this can be a challenging experience, but we strive to offer the best solutions in the realm of parasite treatment and prevention. Let us help you and your pet feel more comfortable with effective treatments and precautions.

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